What is a logo and Difference between Brand & Logo?

Logos are nothing new. It was also used in ancient times when graphic designers did not exist. People were not even literate and at that time people used to hot stamp their cattle to mark it as their property. We can say that Logos started then.

If we fast forward, today we use symbols and signs to convey concepts, ideas, and thoughts, but today we call them logos.

Logo vs Brand

Logo Versus Brand:

A logo is a visual identity or face of a brand. It usually appears as a name, mark, or icon used to identify a company, organization, or product/service. A good logo should be memorable, and original, that inspire customers to buy your products or services. There are millions of logos out there, so your logo should also be unique and stand out from your competitors.

A child can identify well-known brand names from logos before they can read or write, that’s the power of logos. You’ll see logos on a variety of things, from business cards, letterhead, and websites to large billboards. Since logos are everywhere, logos must be adaptable.

Logo design is not a piece of cake, famous brands like Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola did not become successful overnight, they market and attract customers through brand strategies.


The term brand is recognized as a business and marketing process. It helps people to identify a particular, company or product. A brand is not a visual thing, a brand is an experience and they create trust between the company and the customers. The brand defines the nature of the company. It drives the relationship between customers and the entire company structure.

Some people think that a logo is a brand. A brand is not just a logo. A logo is a part of branding, and colors and typography are also parts of a brand identity. It is the entire structure of any company, organization, or individual. This actual logo plays an important role in branding and people recognize your brand from your logo.


Logos were used in ancient times, in those times people called them signs, but today we will say that a sign is a logo. A logo is the face of a brand. A good logo is memorable and relevant, keep it simple and unique for easy identification.

A brand is the structure of a company. It builds trust and relationships between customers. The main difference between a brand and a logo is: the brand is the structure of any company and the logo is the identity and part of a brand.

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